Crock Pot Cajun Boiled Peanuts.

So this week is exam week for my school, and it stresses me out to say the least. BUT to take a break and try another one of the recipes I’ve pinned on my Pinterest board was NECESSARY (as you can see).

Photo on 2013-04-22 at 21.02 #4

For all who guessed on the question I asked you on my last blogpost, the correct answer was peanuts, and that’s exactly what I made this week! I found this crock pot Cajun boiled peanuts recipe on the Tammilee Tips blog, and it’s such a simple recipe.


If you go exactly by her recipe, this ↑ is how they will turn out. I don’t know why, but my other pictures showing the peanuts beforehand and all the ingredients with it won’t upload, but I’ll just tell you where I got all my ingredients… Publix.  The best southern grocery store ever. You can find the raw peanuts in the fresh produce section, and all the other ingredients in the spice aisle.


They are great brain food for studying, especially for exams, and good for a midday snack. It takes 12-24 hours to make, so if you want to eat this spicy yumminess right away, that’s not going to happen… Just saying! Also, this will make many servings so make sure you know people who like Cajun food and boiled peanuts. :)


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