Summer Wrap-Up.

It has been a crazy, fun-filled, stressful at times, memorable summer! I got to see my sister Baileigh when she was home for a month which was such a blessing since I hadn’t seen her in four months. We celebrated her graduating from UCF and celebrated her getting her dream job at Teen Vogue as Promotions Assistant. I am an extremely proud sister!


I also got to travel to 6 states for the camp I work for, Camp KidJam, and I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I am to have been employed by them. My boss was the most caring boss I’ve ever had who just loved us crazy staff members and even let us stay at her house in between camps if we didn’t live in Georgia. Best boss ever definitely goes to her hands down! And where do I begin with the staff? Well, they are the best team I’ve worked with so far.  Even though sometimes we got on each other’s nerves, we still had each other’s back in the end. God couldn’t have put a better staff together this summer, and I’m incredibly thankful to have been apart of it.  Being away from home for so long was hard though, but coming home was bittersweet because I miss the staff and the kids.





There’s always ups and downs in life. BUT God has a plan and purpose for me, and in my life, some things are suppose to be and some are not. The one thing I absolutely know what was suppose to be in my life right about now is my little Delilah. I’ve only had her for a few days now, and she already has me wrapped around her finger… well paw. ;) She’s my little piebald miniature dachshund who is the most bubbly, perky, cutest thing on this planet! I can’t help but love her. ♥  She’s the perfect addition to my new apartment in Orlando.



This summer has had lots of dancing and singing, laughing and crying, stress and joy, but overall, it will be a summer I’ll never forget. ♥


2 Comments Add yours

  1. betty reninger says:

    loved reading about your blessed summer, I know those children must have loved you and you were a big influence on their lives.

  2. Yolanda R. says:

    You are an amazing girl! I loved seeing you on stage at CKJ!

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